Create a Culture of Continuous Learning

Curious Lion Learning Flywheel

The Learning Flywheel is ideal for training needs that are inherently cohort-based.

Think new hire orientation, new manager onboarding, and new product education.

Our team of learning architects partner with your subject matter experts to create a series of learning sprints designed to encourage real-world action, reflection and peer-to-peer sharing, while leveraging a virtual experience that minimizes Zoom fatigue.

The Learning Flywheel is a cohort-based approach to learning.


Learning based on the principles of deliberate practice to incorporate reflection activities to help learners connect with their personal meaning or why for learning.


Cohorts designed to be peer-to-peer, allowing learners to get to know, be vulnerable with and learn from each other.


Activities and assignments that require learners to take real world action to apply new skills, report back on progress to their cohort and seek feedback to improve.


Combining videos for pre-training with a cohort model built to scale with mentors using the Destination, Journey and Accountability group model we’ve developed.

How It Works

The Future of Work

What if you could create a culture of continuous learning?

Companies today are realizing the importance of culture.

With work remote and jobs portable, there has been a shift in focus to emphasize talent development and retention as keys to growth.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to nurture culture. This is especially true at manager and leader levels.

When leaders parachute into new organizations, their managerial expertise survives intact but their leadership influence does not.

This is because the competencies and character traits demanded of great leaders are grounded in the specific culture, values and mission of their organization.

Compounding the challenge, as a company grows, its culture changes.

What if there was a way to direct people on what to learn to prepare them for the changes ahead?

What if there was a way to foster the culture you want, organically?


We have two options to get started to suit different needs.

The Starter Package where you can select from a list of topics.

The Fully Custom Option where it’s your product, your process, your way.

Starter Package

Select from pre-existing topics.

Get your Flywheel started quicker and more affordably.

Fully Custom Package

You want to design your Flywheel from scratch.

You have time to get it right.

The Way We Work

Your way of doing things makes the difference, your training should reflect that.

After working in corporate training for over a decade, Andrew Barry started Curious Lion in the belief that there was a better way to learn at work.

Too often he had seen online training consist of hastily thrown together eLearning versions of slide decks. He knew there was a better way.

At Curious Lion, he’s built a team passionate about creating meaningful custom learning experiences using a blended approach of video, print, and facilitation.

We work in 3 phases, each ending with clear deliverables

1. Discovery

We interview subject matter experts, review existing material and gather the content we need to understand the full scope of the engagement.

2. Design

We provide a detailed blueprint for the course, including the learner journey, format, peer learning, and knowledge checks.

3. Production

We produce the assets required by your specific design, including scripts, videos, animations, slide decks, guides, and workbooks.

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