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How VR and AR Can Improve Skill Training

How VR and AR can improve skill training

This post explores practical considerations for how VR and AR can improve soft skill training at your organization. The post was inspired by a discussion from our webinar series with Cortney Harding, founder of Friends with Holograms. Watch the full recording below or click here to download a PDF of this article to save and …

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How to apply film techniques to video learning

In 2018 I delivered a presentation at DevLearn in Las Vegas. My topic was how to apply film school techniques to video learning. We had an amazing discussion in the room, leaving me with two takeaways – (1) 60 minutes is not enough to cover a topic like this! And (2) so many creative learning …

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This blockchain explainer gets so many things right

Thie explainer video on blockchain demonstrates five principles of effective learning design superbly well. 

Learning like Netflix – an explainer video teardown of Narcos

Is your learning content binge-watchable? 

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