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Year in Review: 2023

A wider view of a vast valley with towering peaks, emphasizing the scale relative to the explorer who is equipped with a hat and goggles, with a muse-like figure guiding him through the fog.

I felt it in my face first. Panic is an oddly warm sensation on the surface, but underneath, it’s cold. It started slowly when I first read the email in early September. It was from our biggest client— pausing all remaining work for the year with us. New leadership, uncertainty, indecision. 2023 was a year […]

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The Octopus Whisperer

The Octopus Whisperer

“And then you start thinking like an octopus.” There is a moment in the captivating Netflix documentary, in between laughing and crying, that I had an epiphany. It was when filmmaker Craig Foster said, “I needed to learn everything.“ I make a living helping people create training courses, and as I watched the film, I

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Am I a Writer?

Am I a Writer

As a team, we read and write a lot of scripts for training videos. If there is one thing I’ve learned it is that there is no perfect script (or essay or blog post or email). But there is a process for writing that you can use to approach perfection. Before that even, you need

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