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Head Learning Designer

Curious Lion is a dynamic New-York based company specializing in corporate learning strategy, design, and content production. We are 3 years old and have a revolving team of regular contributors and independent contractors. 
We are looking for a talented, intelligent and organized hire with outstanding communication and problem-solving skills to work as the head instructional designer and primary liaison with clients and contributors. 
The idea candidate possesses the following qualities and skills:
  • Experience designing and/or delivering corporate training. 
  • Experience working in a professional client service role. 
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication.
  • Confidence to lead meetings with multiple attendees, including from clients and vendors.
  • Familiarity with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Slack.
  • Curiosity. 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit to work closely with the founder of a growing company and contribute to that growth. 
  • Outstanding attention to detail.
  • High standards for organization and design. 
  • Honesty and integrity, always treating others with respect. 
  • Responsibilities for this role include:
    • Instructional design of courses (in collaboration with our CEO, Andrew Barry, and the client).
    • Occasional scriptwriting and facilitator guide creation. 
    • Co-ordinating vendors to create the course, reviewing deliverables and providing feedback. 
      • e.g. animators, video editors, scriptwriters, eLearning developers.
  • Schedule
    • Be available M-F, for scheduled client and vendor calls (generally 8-10 hours per week of pre-scheduled time) between the hours of 9am and 3pm ET.  
    • Respond to emails from clients and vendors during regular business hours (ET).
    • Reviewing and creating deliverables on your own schedule.
  • General
    • Be accountable for the quality of each milestone and the overall project by reviewing and providing feedback on deliverables. 
    • Provide a high level of professional service to clients, including incorporating their feedback and working with vendors to translate client needs to ensure they are met. 

Offer Details

  • This role is for an independent contractor looking to make regular contributions to the company. 
  • Guaranteed minimum salary to be negotiated for a roughly 20 hour work week.
  • Incentive-based compensation negotiated as follows:
    • x% of the net-profit on all learning projects 
    • Additional y% of the net-profit on all learning projects won by the efforts and/or network of the person in this role. 
    • Net-profit includes all cash received, less out-of-pocket costs paid to vendors, transaction costs paid to remit funds, and the salary for this role.
    • Incentive comp renegotiated after every 2 quarterly performance reviews (semi-annually).  
  • Fully remote.
  • Flexible work hours (as outlined in the schedule under Expectations).
  • Non-exclusive (i.e. free to work on other projects ).
  • 30-day termination notice period. 

All applicants will be subject to an interview process and reference check.

Interested applicants may send their resume, and a cover letter that includes why they are a fit for this role, and a brief description of their favorite learning design principle (and why) to info@curiouslionlearning.com 

Let’s Work Together

If you’ve got a big vision that needs a big training effort, we’d love to talk. We work with companies and experts across industries. Any subject can be reimagined, so let’s talk.
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