Learning and Development

What if we don’t train them... and they stay?

In my last blog post, I introduced the ideas of Peter Drucker, that I came across in a compilation of his work. One of the entries addressed his insight into knowledge workers as mobile assets. I share my thoughts in this short video.…
Sound and Motion

Sound and Motion

In this final post on my DevLearn presentation in Las Vegas, I’m going to explore what Herbert Zettl refers to as the 4th and 5th dimensions of film-making - motion and sound. The 4th dimension of motion can best be applied to transitions…
Video training

Convey Information About Characters Without Extra Dialogue

In this follow-up post on my DevLearn presentation in Las Vegas, I want to dig into how to use depth and volume to manipulate point of view (POV) and angles to convey new information about characters. I’m going to use two narrated clips…
filming camera

Emotion and Meaning in Video Learning

Late last year I delivered a presentation at DevLearn in Las Vegas. My topic was how to apply film school techniques to live-action video learning. We had an amazing discussion in the room, leaving me with two takeaways - (1) 60 minutes is not…

Your Software Is Virtual, Your Training Should Be Too

Participating in classroom sessions, reading dense instruction manuals, or watching webinars requires a lot of your employees’ and your customers time. It can take months to complete training. After all this, customers are unlikely to retain most of the new information they hear during training. So what do you do?

2020 Skills: New-Media Literacy

Bite-sized, vertical videos are being consumed at a rate of over 3 Billion per day. Are your employees equipped with the new media skills to maximize this increasingly popular form of content distribution?

2020 Skills: Virtual Collaboration

We explore what virtual collaboration is and what someone needs to do to become better at working in virtual environments. We also look at some of the challenges of working in a virtual team. 

This Blockchain Explainer Gets So Many Things Right

Thie explainer video on blockchain demonstrates five principles of effective learning design superbly well. 


Learning Content Like Netflix

Is your learning content binge-watchable? 

Millennials Just Love Video

Millennials expect you to interact with them using video. Find out how you can use video to provide education to your customers, promoting both brand awareness and brand equity.