This blockchain explainer gets so many things right

Thie explainer video on blockchain demonstrates five principles of effective learning design superbly well. 

Learning like Netflix – an explainer video teardown of Narcos

Is your learning content binge-watchable? 

An equal partnership: learning providers and L&D professionals ~ LinkedIn Interview ~

Recently, Andrew was interviewed by Catalyst Media. In part two of the interview he discusses how corporate learning and development is looking for training partners and not training vendors. 

Changing the paradigm: a look into the future of learning ~ LinkedIn Interview

This October, Andrew was interviewed by Catalyst Media. He shared some insights on the future landscape for training vendors. 

How training can make company values a daily habit

Company values should be used as the basis for a decision framework that all employees use to respond to ethics and compliance risks they may face on a daily basis. Corporate training on ethics and compliance is the best medium to embed these values, engage with employees, and measure how effectively values are becoming behaviors. 

Let’s Work Together

If you’ve got a big vision that needs a big training effort, we’d love to talk. We work with companies and experts across industries. Any subject can be reimagined, so let’s talk.

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