2020 Skills: New-Media Literacy

Bite-sized, vertical videos are being consumed at a rate of over 3 Billion per day. Are your employees equipped with the new media skills to maximize this increasingly popular form of content distribution?

2020 Skills: Computational Thinking

We look at inspirational examples from Elon Musk to Steve Jobs to Albert Einstein to explore what computational thinking is and what someone needs to do to become better at working with big data. 

2020 Skills: Virtual Collaboration

We explore what virtual collaboration is and what someone needs to do to become better at working in virtual environments. We also look at some of the challenges of working in a virtual team. 

2020 Skills: The T-Shaped Professional

By prioritizing lifelong learning with transdisciplinarity, while maintaining a balance of your skill sets, you can transform yourself into a highly successful T-shaped professional now and into the future. 

2020 Skills: Social Intelligence

In the future workplace, machines may replace some tasks and indeed, entire jobs. But one thing humans are able to provide infinitely better than machines is social intelligence. This post explores what this is and how to develop this skill as an individual, as well as how to build this into your training strategy as an organization. 

2020 Skills: Sense-Making

In our first post on the skills required for the 2020 workplace, we explore the skill of sense-making, otherwise called creative thinking. 

Job Skills You’ll Need in 2020

Six drivers of change are increasing the importance of digital skills in the workplace. And in a virtuous cycle, digital skills are fostering job creation across the globe.

This Blockchain Explainer Gets So Many Things Right

Thie explainer video on blockchain demonstrates five principles of effective learning design superbly well. 


Learning Content Like Netflix

Is your learning content binge-watchable? 

An Equal Partnership: Learning Providers and L&D Professionals ~ LinkedIn Interview ~

Recently, Andrew was interviewed by Catalyst Media. In part two of the interview he discusses how corporate learning and development is looking for training partners and not training vendors.