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How do I teach my people this topic?

As the owner of a business creating learning events for individuals and companies, I’m often asked, “How do I teach my people (employees/customers) this topic?” If you’re responsible for the education of others you need to be thinking about how we create and acquire knowledge on two levels – the individual and the group. Let’s […]

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How does embedding corporate culture in training give you a competitive advantage?

To win the hearts and minds of your people is to mobilize your greatest asset, which can help you overcome other competitive disadvantages you may have.  In a previous post I shared a crucial step in the Design phase of our learning methodology – our practice of deconstructing everything we’ve learned about a topic in […]

3 steps to connect your employees to the knowledge that’s already there

Making knowledge workers productive requires changes in attitude, not only on the part of the individual knowledge worker, but on the part of the whole organization. There are three more guidelines that Peter Drucker shared to broaden the scope of continuous learning beyond the individual to consider the broader organization.  These are: Knowledge workers should […]

What if we don’t train them… and they stay?

In my last blog post, I introduced the ideas of Peter Drucker, that I came across in a compilation of his work. One of the entries addressed his insight into knowledge workers as mobile assets. I share my thoughts in this short video. According to Drucker, increasing the productivity of the knowledge worker requires addressing […]

Sound and Motion

In this final post on my DevLearn presentation in Las Vegas, I’m going to explore what Herbert Zettl refers to as the 4th and 5th dimensions of film-making – motion and sound. The 4th dimension of motion can best be applied to transitions between scenes in learning videos. Using rhythm, momentum, and directional movement, the […]

Emotion and Meaning in Video Learning

Late last year I delivered a presentation at DevLearn in Las Vegas. My topic was how to apply film school techniques to live-action video learning. We had an amazing discussion in the room, leaving me with two takeaways – (1) 60 minutes is not enough to cover a topic like this! And (2) so many […]