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My top 3 takeaways from Degreed LENS 2019

I was in Austin recently for the Degreed LENS conference. It’s now officially the only learning conference I go to every year, for two reasons: 1)  It’s small (i.e. intimate). 2)  It attracts outstanding learning leaders.  Because…
Learning and Development
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Training is the highest leverage thing you can do

Reading Andy Grove’s book High Output Management (great summary here), I came across some excellent thoughts on training, and especially his point that training is one of the highest leverage activities a manager can perform.  Leverage,…
Positive Energy

How to channel your energy for positive outcomes

I waited nervously as we went around the room to introduce ourselves. We were sitting around a large conference table. A room full of founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs. High achievers. I don’t know why I was nervous. I am the founder of two companies.…

South Africa’s Scapegoat Problem

"Me against my brothers; my brothers and me against my cousins; my cousins, my brothers, and me against strangers.” - Bedouin proverb. South Africa is presently in the grip of a spate of violent attacks. Xenophobia has claimed the lives of…
Ben Stokes celebrates

5 Things we can learn from cricket

What happened next made no sense. It was Test match 3 of 5 in a series that decides the oldest rivalry in cricket, England vs Australia.  England were 0-1 down. Defeat would make it 0-2, with two to play. Needing to win the series…
Boy and Girl Learning
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How do I teach my people this?

As the owner of a business creating learning events for individuals and companies, I’m often asked, “How do I teach my people (employees/customers) this topic?” If you’re responsible for the education of others you need to be thinking…
Corporate Culture
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Why embedding corporate culture in training is so important

To win the hearts and minds of your people is to mobilize your greatest asset, which can help you overcome other competitive disadvantages you may have.  In a previous post I shared a crucial step in the Design phase of our learning methodology…
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What boats, tanks and bicycles teach you about OODA

I wrote about the OODA Loop and how we can improve L&D by adopting a continuous cycle of Observe, Orient, Decide and Act to extract knowledge that already exists in the organization and make it constantly available to people. This is the…
Jet Plane

The OODA Loop: a simple way to improve L&D

Our education system is broken in that we are still teaching for rote memorization. This is crazy in the age of Google and Wikipedia.  Today I want to introduce a simple way to start changing this.    Have you ever heard of the OODA…
Knowledge Sharing

3 steps to connect your employees to the knowledge that's already there

Making knowledge workers productive requires changes in attitude, not only on the part of the individual knowledge worker, but on the part of the whole organization. There are three more guidelines that Peter Drucker shared to broaden the…