Positive Energy

How to channel your energy for positive outcomes

I waited nervously as we went around the room to introduce ourselves. We were sitting around a large conference table. A room full of founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs. High achievers. I don’t know why I was nervous. I am the founder of two companies.…

South Africa’s Scapegoat Problem

"Me against my brothers; my brothers and me against my cousins; my cousins, my brothers, and me against strangers.” - Bedouin proverb. South Africa is presently in the grip of a spate of violent attacks. Xenophobia has claimed the lives of…
Ben Stokes celebrates

5 Things we can learn from cricket

What happened next made no sense. It was Test match 3 of 5 in a series that decides the oldest rivalry in cricket, England vs Australia.  England were 0-1 down. Defeat would make it 0-2, with two to play. Needing to win the series…