Emotion and Meaning in Video Learning

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Late last year I delivered a presentation at DevLearn in Las Vegas. My topic was how to apply film school techniques to live-action video learning. We had an amazing discussion in the room, leaving me with two takeaways – (1) 60 minutes is not enough to cover a topic like this! And (2) so many creative learning directors and designers are looking to incorporate video in their learning going forward.

I want to show you how you can convey feeling efficiently using color, and how to manage essential processing.

Conveying Feeling Through Color

This is a simple trick you can employ in your videos right away to significantly reduce the time you might otherwise have to spend in the script describing the mood of a character. Use color grading in post production to signify certain feelings. Say you want to show the consequences of an incorrect action. Or you want to give your learner a sense of having achieved something. In both cases, simple color grading can do a lot of the work for you. Check out this video to see what I mean.

Managing Essential Processing – The Rule of Thirds

Managing cognitive load is one of the most crucial aspects in learning design, and part of that involves selecting and organizing information that is relevant to the objective of a lesson. A great way to do that in filming is to follow the rule of thirds to strategically position the most important information or object for a learner. Use the tips outlined in this video to thoughtfully position subjects for interviews, place text on screen, or focus attention on diagrams or animation.

Before you go…

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