Your Software Is Virtual, Your Training Should Be Too

So, your company delivers a highly valuable cloud-based solution to increase organizational productivity. Cool!

However, your customers still have to participate in classroom training sessions, read dense instruction manuals or have to attend webinars to learn about this new productivity tool. Traditional learning tactics – Not so cool!

Although training is integral to learning new skills, the time required to undergo the training process could lead to a decrease in productivity. Companies must maintain a productivity level to ensure that operations are running smoothly. Therefore, they are usually reluctant to adopt a new software. Bad for business!

So you’re faced with companies wanting to adopt your software solution to increase their productivity, but not at the expense of low productivity during adoption. This is a challenge!

Being an adoption manager, your job is to ensure that the whole adoption process runs smoothly, and the clients are eventually happy with their new productivity tool, right?

The solution is to digitize your training solution to boost adoption by your clients in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The logic is, well, your software is virtual, your training should be too. Still, not convinced?

Let us share some facts regarding virtual learning adoption and effectiveness

  • According to an IBM Smarter Workforce study, every $1 spent on e-learning solutions will create an additional $30 in terms of productivity.
  • 40% of Forbes 500 companies have moved to e-learning solutions.
  • IBM saved $200 million annually by moving to e-learning solutions from traditional learning.

Virtual learning offers flexibility and customization, therefore, employees only learn the things they need to know when they need to know them.

What’s more, Millennials prefer video-based options when it comes to training. 65% of people are visual learners and they feed their learning appetite by watching online videos. The episodic nature of video-based learning makes it highly engaging.

The good thing is that if videos are good, people will remember the content and message, thus good videos tend to increase the likelihood of retaining new knowledge. How cool is that!

When it comes to video-based training, we at Curious Lion believe that you need 100% original training for your most important topics for them to have the greatest effect.

Furthermore, do check out our series on “2020 Skills”, which the skills required by your employees to become productive members of the 2020 workforce.

To find out how Curious Lion Learning can assist you in creating a better customer experience, contact us below.

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