Why is User Training Important?

Rafal is the adoption manager at a large analytics firm. His company is undergoing a transition from manual work to a custom-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. His prime duty is to make sure that that employees, across all the locations, become accustomed to this new software.

He knew that onboarding is a demanding process, as the purpose is not to provide the necessary information to inexperienced users to effectively navigate the new software interface, but to make sure they are able to use this new software to increase their overall productivity.

Companies that don’t take this onboarding process seriously have a lower retention rate than those who have a good onboarding process in place.

Furthermore, employees that are unable to efficiently navigate the complex user interface of their company’s ERP will put a strain on customer loyalty. Research has shown that 66% of B2B buyers and 52% of B2C buyers stop buying from a company after a bad customer service experience.

According to another report, 56% of organizations experience operational disruption while implementing their change management process. To avoid low retention rates, and to protect customer loyalty, here are some onboarding best practices that we advised to Rafal.

Invest in Customer Support training

8 out of 10 adoption leaders in the B2B companies state that their prime goal of implementing new software is to improve the customer experience. 66% of the customers are willing to spend more for a better experience. Customer service agents can transform skeptical customers into loyal customers, however, they need to have a hands-on experience with the product offerings along with being well versed in “soft skills”.

Explore the benefits of Mentorship and Knowledge sharing

Veteran customer support agents know their business inside out. Pairing new and experienced customer support agents can help your organization explore the benefits of Mentorship.

Don’t settle for less than Excellence

The general expectation of customers is that support agents are experts in their field and therefore can increase their overall experience with the product. However, if customer support agents are not experts, the customers will have a negative experience. Therefore, do not settle for anything less than excellence and invest in the training of your employees.

Show Appreciation to great support agents

Positive feedback coupled with incentives are a great way to show appreciation to high performing support agents. This will motivate other support agents to produce high-quality work.

As an adoption manager, Rafal knows that the key to success is to upskill the inexperienced users. There is research to prove that training activities play a significant role in successful ERP implementation.

Furthermore, as Rafal is representing an organization with multiple offices located throughout the globe, we advised him to go for virtual video-based training rather than in-person training.

We have previously produced articles regarding the importance the video-based training in the organization. In addition, check out our series of articles regarding the skills required by employees in 2020 to become productive members of the workforce.

To know more about our training services and to know how Curious Lion can assist you in creating a better customer experience by training your employees, contact us below.

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