Millennials Just Love Video

Millennials expect you to interact with them using video. Find out how you can use video to provide education to your customers, promoting both brand awareness and brand equity. 

Education-Based Marketing: The Shift is Real

Video advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, as more and more consumers prefer to interact with brands through video. However it is a constant challenge to attract attention. This is where education-based marketing can help, since education is so often demand-driven. 

Anyone have any recommendations for great learning design?

Who do you turn to for recommendations when making daily decisions? Your friends mostly, right? The theory at work here is that using a conversational style rather than a formal style for narration in multimedia learning (e.g. using words like “you”, “your”, “we” and “us”) results in improved retention. The rationale here is quite simply that learners will try harder to make sense of verbal instruction if it is perceived as coming from a peer rather than from a formal teacher.