We help high-growth start-ups to scale-ups

Boost revenue - close more deals

High-growth companies run at a higher velocity, with higher standards for quality and a narrower focus than most. In a competitive market in which volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity are alive, your people must learn to thrive in the chaos. 

Lower costs - do more with less

Content and technology costs add up quickly. More content and more tools are not always the right investment for growth. The answer lies in your people. More efficient, effective, and focused people. We help you reduce costs by reducing reliance on outside content, streamlining your tech stack, and upskilling your people.

Reduce risk - de-risk working with us

We lower the risk bar for trying our solution by offering a 100-Day Warranty. If we don’t show improvements in conversion metrics we agree will lead to more revenue in the first 100 days of our engagement, we will work for free until we do, or you get your money back. 

By developing people on revenue teams to

Go faster - exploit every opportunity to step up the pace

It is breathtaking how slow many companies are out there. They think nothing of it. The lack of energy is palpable. There is performance upside everywhere! As a leader, your opportunity is to reset. You do it in every single conversation and encounter. You look for and exploit every single opportunity to step up the pace. We support you with our military-grade approach to elite performance. 

Raise standards - expect a higher quality outcome

You notice this whenever you work with an outlier. The bar they set for themselves and others is beyond what most people imagine. If you accept substandard work from yourself, you’ll only get average work from others. Raise the bar to raise the results with our elite performance training tested and approved by the U.S. Military. 

Narrow focus - narrow the plane of attack

Standards apply to the quality of work you produce but also to the opportunities you work on. If you say yes to average projects, you’ll have no time for exceptional ones. We help you ruthlessly prioritize prospects and projects with methods rooted in cognitive neuroscience. 

Gain a competitive revenue edge
with Curious Lion

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