Andrew Barry

After working in corporate training for just over a decade, I started Curious Lion in the belief that we could do a better job creating custom digital training. Too often I had seen online training consist of hastily thrown together eLearning versions of slide decks. I knew there was a better way.

What It’s Like to Work with Curious Lion

What It's Like to Work with Curious Lion on Talent Development

Stories from the first 3 years leading Talent Development for a high-growth company This is a co-authored blog post between a passionate talent development professional (Phylicia Jones, “PJ”) and Curious Lion (told by founder, Andrew Barry, “AB”). Together we share our lessons and learnings on how to work together to create amazing learning experiences. Year …

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Am I a Writer?

Am I a Writer

As a team, we read and write a lot of scripts for training videos. If there is one thing I’ve learned it is that there is no perfect script (or essay or blog post or email). But there is a process for writing that you can use to approach perfection. Before that even, you need …

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How About a 4 Day Workweek?

How about a four day workweek?

I’ve been working closer to a 4 day workweek during the 3 months of lockdown. But I haven’t been any less productive. If anything, I’m more productive, writing more and making bigger decisions. The step back has afforded me a new perspective. I’m thinking long-term. This has meant scaling back my lead generation service and …

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Prior Knowledge: The Most Important Factor for Learning

Rows and rows of prior knowledge

When faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, medical experts confronting the coronavirus first consulted their prior knowledge of similar viruses to look for clues to contain this one. When you are learning how to use a new piece of software, you are unconsciously looking for ways it’s similar to software you’ve used in the past, and …

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