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To get to the essence of learning culture, we must recognize it as a mindset, a feeling, an internal drive within individuals, but shared by many.

– Andrew Barry

Who is Andrew Barry?

👋 Hi, I’m Andrew, the founder and CEO of Curious Lion.

In 2017 I was Head of Content for KPMG’s Executive Education, and before that, I spent a decade training leaders at KPMG.

I’ve studied the concept of human potential deeply; I believe we’re all born with the potential and ability to do anything we set our minds to.

This is my purpose in life, and the driving force behind the culture of Curious Lion:
to enable others to reach their potential.

This purpose is what motivates me to live a curious life centered around learning and self-actualization.

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About Our Work & Mission

The role enablement professionals play is a tough one.

Knowledge transfer, process improvement, personalized support, tracking and measurement, the list goes on. It’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of creating and dropping “training” content on top of your teams with little to no impact — the department of broken things.

Here’s the thing, though: your company already has a learning culture that can make your job a lot easier.

And you can learn how to cultivate it.

This is what we help you do.

Curious Lion is a Learning Culture consulting firm reimagining the way high-growth B2B tech companies transform their people.

Applying our VASE Framework and rolling out Cohort Learning Experiences, our client partners have witnessed:

Rapidly decreasing response times to customer needs

Innovation leading to better products and services

Rich internal talent marketplaces

Productivity gains

Internal alignment of all roles

Continuous learning and improvement

Top-down training simply doesn’t hit the mark for all of this.

A culture that promotes curiosity, communication, collaboration, and continuous active learning sets the foundation for a bulletproof and long-lasting competitive advantage.


Our Core Values

Curious Lion is on a mission to help growing companies develop their people in unique and engaging ways. You might wonder how we’ve adopted a Learning Culture within our own team?

We’re a remote, distributed company, but we prefer to consider ourselves a Connected Company. Each of us has a full-fledged investment in our own learning, and the passion for learning only multiplies when we come together to work as a team.

We have a culture in which people trust each other; in which we can grow; in which we feel committed to a shared vision; and in which we feel like we belong.

This is the pride, and these six Core Values are our pillars:

Curious Lion's 6 core values


The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality
in themselves.

– Joseph Campbell


Meet the Team

We’re a remote team distributed across 4 countries and 13 hours of time difference!

But these lengths don’t curb our appetite for learning or our ability to help companies transform their teams.

Here’s a gallery of the Curious Lion pride!

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything”
– Alexander Hamilton
Project Management Associate

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.”
– Terry Pratchett

Learning Architect & HR Associate

“Life must be rich and full of loving – it’s no good otherwise, no good at all, for anyone”
– Jack Kerouac

Learning Architect

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese proverb

Learning Architect

“It’s never too late to be who who you might have been.” – George Elliot

Executive Assistant

“You can if you think you can.” – George Reeves

Creative Engineer
“The Obstacle in the way, is the Way.” – Marcus Aurelius
Digital Designer

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

Creative Engineer

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”
– Greek Proverb

Curious Lion Logo Transparent Background

Lifelong learners in organizations have the ability to recognize and apply learning to a shared vision.

– Andrew Barry

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